Dr. George Mark Elliott

   Dr. Elliott was born in South Dakota on 19 Oct 1897 to George Washington Elliott and Anna Zephyr Miller. He married Kathryne Louise Vaughn. He passed away on 21 Dec 1981 in Cincinnati, OH.  They had a daughter, Lois, and two sons, Glen and David.  Both sons became ministers in the Christian Church, and Lois married into the Morris family, and served as a missionary in Burma.

   About 20 years ago, Dr. Lloyd Pelfrey and I were talking about George Mark Elliott. Lloyd had been Dr. Elliott’s Teaching Assistant for years.  Lloyd graduated from CBS with his Master of Divinity the year I began.  I lamented about the sparsity of written documents by Dr. Elliott, and to my delight, I learned that Dr. Elliott had given Lloyd what remained of his written material, having already destroyed most of what his fertile brain and heart had produced, and Lloyd was willing to share it with me.

   Dr. Pelfrey is now Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, and President Emeritus of Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO.  He was President over 26 years.   

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