There is no enrollment necessary.  Do the study, complete the assignments, and send us documentation.  It is recommended to do more than one module at a time.  Increase the value of your study by supplemental reading found on this website.

Module 1 - Introduction to the Bible

                  Clinton Lockhart: Principles of Interpretation

                  Jule Miller: Visualized Bible Study Series

Module 2 - Introduction to Bible Doctrine

                  The Fundamentals

                          Vol. 1

                            Vol. 2

                              Vol. 3

                                 Vol. 4

                 Ashley S. Johnson:  Outline Study of God's Eternal Purpose

            Robert Milligan:  Exposition and Defense of the Scheme of Redemption

                                           :  The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to His 12 Apostles

                 Z. T. Sweeney: New Testament Christianity  

                          Volume 1

                              Volume 2

                                  Volume 3

Module 3 - Introduction to Apologetics

                  Edwin Chong: Intro-To-Aplogetics-fall07

                  Mark Copeland: Apologetics

                  Paul B Coulter: An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

                  Sunday School: A brief Course on Apologetics

Module 4 - Introduction to Evangelism

                  Jesse R. Kellems: New Testament Evangelism

Module 5 - Introduction to Homiletics

                   David R. Breed: Preparing to Preach

                   Fred Craddock: As One Without Authority

                   Harold Knott: Expository Sermon Preparation

                   James S. Stewart:

                        Heralds of God

                            A Man in Christ

                               The Gates of New Life



Module 6 - Introduction to the Holy Land

George A. Barton: Archeology and The Bible

Barbara M. Brown: Strange Scriptures That Perplex The Western Mind

Samuel Burder: Oriental Customs

W. Shaw Caldecott: The Tabernacle-its history and structure

G. Woolworth Colton: The Sanctuary or Tent of Meeting, Usually Called The Tabernacle

James M. Freeman: Hand-Book of Bible Manners and Customs

G. M. Mackiel:  Bible Manners and Customs

Edwin Wilbur Rice: Orientalisms in Bible Lands

Samuel Schor: Palestine and The Bible

Henry J. Van-Lennep: Bible Lands

Fred Wight: Manners and Customs of Biblical Lands (1953)

The Illustrated Bible Treasury” Written by over 20 different authors

Module 7 - Introduction to the Restoration Movement

                   Charles Dailey: Restoration History

                       Vol. 01

                         Vo. 02

                            Vol. 03

                              Vol. 04

                                Vol. 05

T.W. Phillips: The Church of Christ

Lancelot Oliver: New Testament Christianity




Survey of the Bible

Halley"s Handbook of the Bible

Certify that you have read this overview. What was the most important thing you learned.  Write a one page evaluation and send to


Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

God's Unfolded Plan

Open book exam.  Complete the questions at the end of the book, and send to


Introduction to Apologetics

Ready to Give An Answer

Certify that you have read this overview. What was the most important thing you learned. Write a one page evaluation and send to


Introduction to Evangelism

You Can do Personal Evangelism

Create a list of those who need to be lead to our Lord Jesus Christ.  How will you  bring them to comply with His terms of pardon?


Introduction to Homiletics

If You Want to Preach

What was the most significant sermon you have heard.  Was it biblical?  Write your sermon now and send to


Introduction to the Holy Land

Lands of the Bible

The Holy Land has changed since this was published., but it is still relevant.  Write a one page evaluation and send to


The Restoration Movement

Christian's Only

There is a reason the Restoration Movement swept across the world like a grass fire across a Kansas prairie.  What is it?  How will you implement the principles of the Restoration Movement?  Write a one page plan of implementation and send to

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