Old Testament

The  Pentateuch

Adam Clarke: The Pentateuch

Oswald T. Allis: The Five Books of Moses


Dietrich Bonhoeffer:  Creation and Fall: A Theological Exposition of Genesis 1–3

Uburto Cassuto

   Vol. 1 - Adam to Noah

      Vol. 2 - Noah to Abraham

James B. Coffman: Genesis

C.C. Crawford

        Vol. 01   Vol. 02   Vol. 03   Vol. 04

Marcus Dods:  Genesis

Jack Finegan: Light from the Ancient Past

W.H. Green: The Unity of Genesis

Keil & Delitzsch: The Pentetuch Vol. 1

John P. Lange: Genesis

H.C. Leupold: Genesis Vol 1&2  

Julian Morgenstern: Genesis: a Jewish Interpretation

James G. Murphy: Genesis

John Skinner: Genesis


James B. Coffman: Exodus

Wilbur Fields: Exodus

Keil & Delitzsch: The Pentetuch Vol. 1


James B. Coffman: Leviticus

Don DeWelt: Leviticus

Keil & Delitzsch: The Pentetuch Vol. 1


James B. Coffman: Numbers

Brant Lee Doty: Numbers

Keil & Delitzsch: The Pentetuch Vol. 1


James B. Coffman: Deuteronomy

Keil & Delitzsch: The Pentetuch Vol. 1

Bruce Oberst: Deuteronomy


James B. Coffman: Joshua



James B. Coffman: Judges


James B. Coffman: Ruth

Willard W. Winter

Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth

1 Samuel

James B. Coffman: 1 Samuel

2 Samuel

James B. Coffman: 2 Samuel

Willard W. Winter

                 Studies in Samuel

1 Kings

James B. Coffman: 1 Kings

2 Kings

James B. Coffman: 2 Kings

James E. Smith: 1 & 2 Kings

1 Chronicles

James B. Coffman: 1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles

Robert E. Black: Chronicles

James B. Coffman: 2 Chronicles


James B. Coffman: Ezra


James B. Coffman: Nehemiah

Ruben Ratzlaff




Paul T. Butler: Esther

James B. Coffman: Esther


James B. Coffman: Job

The Bible Project: The Book of Job in the Bible

Green, William H. – The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded

Hulbert, Charles A. – The Gospel Revealed to Job

Davidson, A.B. – The Book of Job, with Notes, Introduction and Appendix


James B. Coffman: Psalms

Joseph Bryant Rotherham


            Vol. 01   Vol. 02


Charles Bridges: Proverbs

James B. Coffman: Proverbs

Donald Hunt: Pondering the Proverbs


James B. Coffman: Ecclesiastes

Song of Solomon

James B. Coffman: Song of Solomon

R. J. Kidwell and Don DeWelt


James B. Coffman: Isaiah

Franz Delitzsch

          Commentary on Isaiah

             vol. 1   vol. 2

Paul T. Butler

          Commentary on Isaiah

             vol. 1   vol. 2   vol. 3


James B. Coffman: Jeremiah

James E. Smith: Jeremiah


James B. Coffman: Lamentations

James E. Smith: Lamentations


James B. Coffman: Ezekiel

James E. Smith: Ezekiel


Daniel I. Block: Preaching Old Testament Apocalyptic to a New Testament Church

Paul T. Butler: Daniel

James B. Coffman: Daniel

Carl Friedrich Keil: Book of Daniel

Philip Mauro: The Seventy Weeks

James A. Montgomery: Daniel

Edward Bouverie Pusey: Daniel

Uriah Smith: Daniel and The Revelation

Paul Vaughn:  Daniel, A Man Who Trusted In God

Robert Dick Wilson: Studies In The Book of Daniel

E.V. Zollars: King of Kings


James B. Coffman: Hosea


James B. Coffman: Joel


James B. Coffman: Amos


James B. Coffman: Obadiah


Paul T. Butler: The Minor Prophets

James B. Coffman: Jonah


James B. Coffman: Micah


James B. Coffman: Nahum


James B. Coffman: Habakkuk


James B. Coffman: Zephaniah


James B. Coffman: Haggai


James B. Coffman: Zechariah


James B. Coffman: Malachi

Clinton R. Gill: The Minor Prophets

New Testament

Without the New Testament, the Old Testament would be a labyrinth without a clue, a syllogism without a conclusion, a riddle without a solution, a torso without a head, a moon without a sun, since Christ is the proper interpreter of the Old Testament..

-- Franz Delitsch (1813-1890)


James B. Coffman: Matthew

Harold Fowler: Matthew

    Vol. 01   Vol. 02   Vol. 03   Vol. 04


James B. Coffman: Mark

Don DeWelt: Gospel of Mark


James B. Coffman: Luke

Paul Butler: Luke

J. S. Lamar: The NT Commentary

Alfred Plummer: Luke


Paul Butler: Gospel of John

              Vol. 01   Vol. 02

James B. Coffman: John


Alexander Campbell: Acts

James B. Coffman: Acts

Don DeWelt: Acts Made Actual

John W. McGarvey: New Commentary on Acts.  Study questions here

St. John Chrysostom: Acts of the Apostles

Mark Moore: Acts Notebook


James B. Coffman: Romans

Isaiah Boone Grubbs: Romans

Moses Lard: Romans

David Lipscomb: Romans

Carl Ketcherside: Work of the Holy Spirit in Romans

Kenneth Carl Moser: Romans

Pelagius on Romans

R. L. Whiteside: Romans

1 Corinthians

T.R. Applebury: Studies in First Corinthians [also covers 2 Corinthians]

Paul T. Butler: Studies in First Corinthians.

James B. Coffman: 1 Corinthians

Alfred Plummer: 1 Corinthians

2 Corinthians

T.R. Applebury: Studies in First Corinthians [also covers 2 Corinthians]

Paul T. Butler: Studies in Second Corinthians.

James B. Coffman: 2 Corinthians

James Denney: 2 Corinthians

H.A.W. Meyer: 2 Corinthians

Alfred Plummer: 2 Corinthians

Archibald Robertson_Alfred Plummer: 2 Corinthians

F.W. Robertson: Expository lectures on St. Paul's epistles to the Corinthians


Don Earl Boatman: Guidance from Galatians

James B. Coffman: Galatians


James B. Coffman: Ephesians

Wilbur Fields: A Study of Ephesians


James B. Coffman: Philippians

Wilbur Fields: A Study of Philippians


James B. Coffman: Colossians

Wilbur Fields: A Study of Colossians

1 Thessalonians

James B. Coffman: 1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

James B. Coffman: 2 Thessalonians

Wilbur Fields: Thinking Through Thessalonians

1 Timothy

James B. Coffman: 1 Timothy

2 Timothy

James B. Coffman: 2 Timothy


James B. Coffman: Titus

Don De Welt: Paul's Letters to Timothy & Titus


James B. Coffman: Philemon

Wilbur Fields: A Study of Philemon


Henry Alford: The Greek Testament, Vol. IV: Hebrews-Revelation

Don Earl Boatman: Helps From Hebrews

R.H. Boll: Lessons on Hebrews

James B. Coffman: Hebrews

Isaiah Boone Grubbs: Hebrews Class Notes

Edgar Goodspeed: Hebrews

William Leonard: Authorship of Hebrews

Archibald McLean Vol. 1   Vol. 2

Robert Milligan: Epistle to the Hebrews

James Moffatt: Epistle to the Hebrews

Joseph Bryant Rotherham: Hebrews

Joseph Swiss: Lectures on Hebrews


James B. Coffman: James

Donald Fream: James and Jude

J. Alec Motyer: The Message of James

1 Peter

James B. Coffman: 1 Peter

Bruce Oberst: 1st & 2nd Peter

2 Peter

James B. Coffman: 2 Peter

Bruce Oberst: 1st & 2nd Peter

1 John

James B. Coffman: 1 John

Clinton Gill: Hereby We Know: Studies in 1st, 2nd & 3rd John

2 John

James B. Coffman: 2 John

Clinton Gill: Hereby We Know: Studies in 1st, 2nd & 3rd John

3 John

James B. Coffman: 3 John

Clinton Gill: Hereby We Know: Studies in 1st, 2nd & 3rd John


James B. Coffman: Jude

Donald Fream: James and Jude


My Preference will be checked -

    A good source of information on the early Latin Commentaries is

Alexander Souter: The Earliest Latin Commentaries

    The earliest commentary on Revelation is dated about 170 AD, by the Bishop of Sardis, Melito. We know it once existed, as Eusebius mentions it his Ecclesiastical History, 4.26.

    Melito defended the Christians in his Fragments of Bishop Melito of Sardis,  "the Philosopher."

    The next earliest commentary on Revelation is by Bishop Gaius Marius Victorinus, written about 260 AD.

Gaius Marius Victorinus: Commentary on the Apocalypse.  

    Victorinus has a recaputulation understanding of the Apocalypse, which from this very early date destroys both the Preterist and Futurist theories of the book.

√ Henry Alford:  Greek Testament. Hebrews to Revelation  Vol. 4

√√ Isbon T. Beckwith: The Apocalypse of John.  Preterist

Paul Butler: 13 Lessons on Revelation

E.W. Bullinger: Commentary on Revelation

S. J. Case: The Millennial Hope

S.J. Case: The Revelation of John

Robert H. Charles: Preterist-liberal

     Studies in the Apocalypse v01.  

     Studies in the Apocalypse v02.

David Chilton: The Days of

Vengeance: An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

James B. Coffman: Revelation

Alger Fitch: The Book of Revelation

John Hinds: The Book of Revelation

S.A. Hunter: Studies in the Book of Revelation

Barton W Johnson: Vision of the Ages

David Keppel: The Book of Revelation Not a Mystery

J. L.Martin:  Voice of the Seven Thunders_Or Lectures on the Apocalypse

Philip Mauro: The Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass

James MacDonald: The life and writings of St. John

√ William Milligan: The Revelation Of St. John

Thomas Osborne: The Lion and the Lamb

Arthur S. Peake: The Revelation of John

Arthur Samuel: The Revelation of John

√ William Ramsay:  Letters to the Seven Churches

William J. Reed: Lectures on the Revelation

Christina Georgina Rossetti: The Face of the Deep: a Devotional Commentary on the Apocalypse

    Reflected Lights from "The face of the deep"

Joseph A. Seiss: The Apocalypse (dispensationalist):  

                v01   v02    v03

William H. Simcox: Revelation of St John

James H. Snowden: The Coming of the Lord

Justin A. Smith: Commentary on Revelation

√ James D Strauss: Revelation

Moses Stuart:  Preterist

     Commentary on the Apocalypse

                   Vol. 1   Vol. 2

√√ Henry B. Swete: Apocalypse Of St John.  Preterist

Gene Taylor: A Study of Premillenialism

Lee G. Tomlinson: Revelation

Richard Chenevix Trench: Commentary on the epistles to the seven churches in Asia

Foy E Wallace: The Book of Revelation

Foy Wallace and Charles Neal:  The Thousand Year Reign

Foy E Wallace: God's Prophetic Word

Adam C. Welch: Daniel and Revelation

Philip W. Wilson: The Vision We Forget

Theodor Zahn: Introduction to the New Testament, Vol. 3