Women’s Ministry

Joy Circle

February 5, 2022

The Joy Circle met on Saturday, February 5, 2022 in the Fellowship Hall at Orcutt Christian Church. There were 16 people in attendance.

Debbie gave the opening prayer. Following lunch, Carol called the group to order. She said the meeting was being dedicated to Sheila who recently was given the all clear by doctors that she is cancer free. Sheila received pink roses, a bundle of pink heart balloons and cake from the Joy Circle.

Carol opened the meeting by acknowledging and welcoming new people attending for the first time. Due to COVID 19 the last two years, the Joy Circle has not been meeting regularly. The last time the group met we talked about growing the Joy Circle by attracting new members and discussing ideas for new and current projects.

Carol mentioned that this would be an abbreviated meeting. Regular agenda items will be discussed at the next meeting. One thing brought forward was reading of the Mission Statement for the Joy Circle:

“The Joy Circle is a ministry of Orcutt Christian Church. It is made up of Christian women who come together monthly to serve our Lord in our congregation, the local community and beyond as opportunity permits.”

Sunshine cards:   The Joy Circle sends cards to those in our group that we are aware of who need get well wishes, encouragement, thank you or thinking of you cards. This month cards will be sent to:
Clinton ; Isaac ; and Debbilynn .

Treasurer’s Report:   Elizabeth reported on the current state of Joy Circle funds. A check for $xxx was received from Janice. In addition, a card was read from Jennifer Hurn of CRU wishing the Joy Circle much success as we begin meeting again. There is a total of $xxx in the bank. Adding in the generous check received from Janice for $xxx, the amount grows to $xxx.

Ladies present were invited and encouraged to attend the next meeting of the Joy Circle which will take place on March 19. Those present were in favor of having the meeting at the noon hour. A pot luck lunch will again be available.

At the next meeting we will ask for suggestions of projects and activities that the Joy Circle can participate in. We will also discuss ways to grow funds for the group that can be used to benefit the local community. Everyone was asked to bring their ideas and suggestions to the next meeting.

The meeting concluded with a reading by Noreen

Minutes taken and submitted by
Carol, Chairperson