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                        Roger Chambers           Jack Cottrell  

                        James Smith                James Strauss

                        Lee Mason                    Gareth Reese

These are all graduates of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary

                         Alexander Campbell          Charles McCoy

                          W. Carl Ketcherside          Leroy Garrett              

Black Preachers of the Restoration Movement


For many years, Dr. Hans Rollmann maintained a website with electronic versions of Restoration Movement texts, such as writings by Barton W. Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, and many others.

Hans Rollmann’s site has been reactivated by Abilene Christian College:

Dr. Hans Rollmann’s Restoration Movement Site


   For those of you who worry about the permanence of anything you say on the Internet, well, the Wayback Machine is a website that archives sites forever. FOR-E-VER! So remember, not only does God remember everything you say or do forever, so does the Internet. Except God is far more forgiving than the Wayback Machine.

   Dr. Rollmann’s  site went offline in 2011; fortunately, it remained available at the Wayback Machine:

And now a glimpse at Orcutt Christian Church in 2011

 Sermons Series

The Burning Question Series

The congregation requested sermons that related to questions of faith they had.  For the Burning Question Sermons, click here.

The Revelation Series

Over the years, I’ve had many requests to preach on Revelation.  The series began January 6, 2019.  For the Revelation sermons, click here.

I have placed a large number of Commentaries on this website.  

Out Reach

Church Locater for Independent churches of Christ/Christian Churches.

The Christian Restoration Association

International Conference on Missions - Known as The National Missionary Convention until 2011, ICOM has been serving missionaries and churches of the Christian Church/churches of Christ since 1948.  ICOM exists to Encourage, Equip and Enlist workers for world outreach.

Biblical  Making Biblical Scholarship Accessible Since 2001.

Christian Research Journal Archive

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