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June 2019

A Call to Recenter

Has your prayer life suffered a hit?

Has your Christian life become stale?

Are you progressing in your relationship with Jesus?

Have you lost interest in daily study of God’s inspired Bible?

Are you in the habit of not worshipping our heavenly Father on the Lord’s Day?

Do you think it is unimportant that you fellowship with the brothers and sisters?

Do you feel as if you need a fresh start with God?

John, the Revelator, says:

Revelation 2:1-5 (TLB)
1 "Write a letter to the leader of the church at Ephesus and tell him this: "I write to inform you of a message from him who walks among the churches and holds their leaders in his right hand. "He says to you: 2 I know how many good things you are doing. I have watched your hard work and your patience; I know you don’t tolerate sin among your members, and you have carefully examined the claims of those who say they are apostles but aren’t. You have found out how they lie. 3 You have patiently suffered for me without quitting.
4 "Yet there is one thing wrong; you don’t love me as at first! 5 Think about those times of your first love (how different now!) and turn back to me again and work as you did before;

So, how does one recenter their lives on the One sitting on Heaven’s Throne?  How does one return to their first love?  In answer, I’d like to suggest reading, studying, and applying the message contained in the five hymns of Revelation, found in 4:8; 4:11; 5:9; 5:11; and 5:13.

Worthy!  Take the book,

Open its seals.

Slain, paying in blood, you

purchased for God persons

From each family and language and

culture and race.

Then you made them

kingdom-priests for our God


They’ll rule the earth.

Revelation 5:9


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