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Our facilities are available for rental for such events as funerals, receptions, Quinceañeras, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Orcutt Christian Church does NOT host weddings!.  See below.

For information contact:

Marilyn Currier - 805-260-9036


Ed Saunders - 805-264-1507

Facilities  Insurance?

Why should I protect my event with insurance?

* Required by OUR Insurance carrier.

* Protects you if you're held liable for bodily injury or property damage.

We suggest you consult with both your car insurance carrier, and your home insurance carrier for Event Insurance.  Those who have home owners and renters policies in most cases will cover events for a modest fee that is much less than a single event policy in almost all cases.  Check there first and it will likely be easier, faster and less expensive!


Some other possibilities are:

Required forms

(Download all three PDF files)

Facilities Rental Policy (2 pages)

Rent Agreement (Rules, Regulations and Policies) (9 pages)

Application for Event Rental (1 page)

NOTE Regarding Weddings