Bishop R.C. Evans: Forty Years in the Mormon Church

Having been ordained to seven different offices in the Mormon Priesthood, from Priest to the Presidency of the church, standing next to Joseph Smith himself in the Highest Council of the church, the world will be interested read the facts from one who has escaped from the Mormon thraldom.

ExMormon Foundation: Post-Mormons are members of a rapidly growing community of families and individuals who have voluntarily left Mormonism.  Many of us have been church leaders, teachers, missionaries and faithful members, and we are here to support those who, like ourselves, are creating a life after Mormonism.  For many, the transition out of Mormonism is difficult and traumatic. It involves carefully examining the teachings of the church and evaluating them objectively. And it may involve the risk of disapproval or sometimes outright ostracism from friends and family. Video Archives can be found on YouTube, under Exmormon Foundation Conference.  


Alexander Campbell's Review of the Book of Mormon

Michael Davis, Ph.D.: Is Mormonism Christian

Edgar E. Folk: The Mormon Monster: The Story of Mormonism

The religious system of John Smith and Brigham Young is a stupendous departure from the true type of Christian religion – though disguised in the very terms and titles of the gospel.

Leadership University:  Started in 1995 and is a hosting site for several Apologetics and worldview websites. Topical Index to Mormonism.

Walter Martin: The Kingdom of the Cults _ Mormonism

Jerald and Sandra Tanner: Utah Lighthouse Ministry.  The purpose of this site is to document problems with the claims of Mormonism and compare LDS doctrines with Christianity.

Paul M. Ellliott:  Mormonism

Why Is Mormonism Trying to Change Its Name?

The Mormon leadership wants people to think it is "The Church of Jesus Christ" when it is nothing of the sort.  Dr. Elliott discusses the following:

1 - 'Evangelicals and Mormons Together'?

Why are some of America's leading "Evangelical" churches, seminaries, and ministries rushing to suppress or deny the truth about Mormonism?

2 - Mormonism's Deconstruction of Scripture

A Christian need not become an expert on Mormonism to understand its dangers. All you must do is ask essential questions about Mormon teachings and compare the answers with authentic Scripture.

3 - Joseph Smith and the Occult

Few Christians understand that Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a documented occult practitioner who said he used an occult device to "translate" the Book of Mormon.

4 - The Book of Mormon: An Evil Fiction

The Book of Mormon's alleged history of ancient North and South America contains not one shred of fact - and a great deal of evil fiction.

5 - Mormonism: A Religion of False Gods

Why are some self-described evangelicals willing to embrace a religion that replaces the Triune God of the Bible with a pantheon of false deities?

6 - Mormonism's 'Father God' - A Pagan Monstrosity

Mimicking many ancient pagan religions, Mormonism teaches that God the Father is not God from eternity, but was a human being who became God.

7 - Mormonism's False Christ

Mormonism's false "Jesus" is the kind of god that Scripture condemns in Romans 1:23 - "an image made like corruptible man."

8 - The False Name of a False Church

The Mormon church's official name - "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" - is a falsehood and a blasphemy.

9 - Mormon Confusion About the Holy Spirit

The most notable characteristic of Mormon teaching regarding the Holy Spirit is that it contains a great deal of confusion and contradiction.

10. The Holy Spirit: Biblical Truth vs. Mormon Error

Mormon theology speaks of the "Holy Spirit" as an impersonal force, but according to Scripture the Third Person of the Trinity is a Divine Person.

11. Mormonism vs. The Trinity

Mormonism's so-called "Trinity" is merely another form of the "trinities" of man-gods found in many ancient pagan religions.

12. Biblical Truth vs. Mormon Polytheism

The church today is especially vulnerable to the lies of Mormonism because the doctrine of the Trinity is often poorly taught - if it is taught at all.

13. The Necessity of Discernment

Church leaders' lack of discernment about Mormonism is an indicator of far deeper problems.

14. Latter-Day Saints?

Four facts about Mormonism's "gospel" reveal it to be utterly false.

15: How To Witness to a Mormon: Four Vital Factors

God's Word tells us that four factors must govern genuine Christians' witness to the lost souls of Mormonism.

16. How To Witness to a Mormon: Rely on the Word and the Spirit

We must remember that God does not answer all of a sinner's objections and questions the day that person comes to faith in Christ. We have the Apostle Paul himself as an example.

Walter Martin & Hank Hanegraaff:  The Kingdom of The Cults (Revised). See Chapter 6: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Pages 175-238.