Bibliography for Dispensationalism

√ Bass, Clarence B.:  (Baptist)  Backgrounds to Dispensationalism

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√ Cottrell, Jack W.: (Church of Christ/Christian) The Faith Once For All

David Brown: (Free Church of Scotland) Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Premillennial?

√ Cox, William E.: (Baptist)  Why I Left Scofieldism

                      : An Examination of Dispensationalism

√ Elliott, David Vaughn:  (Church of Christ/Christian.  Known for his book Nobody Left Behind.  He has an extensive collection of articles on dispensationalism and prophesy.)

H. Grattan Guinness: (Irish Protestant Minister, evangelist, author) Approaching End of the Age

√ Pieters, Albertus: (Reformed Church in America) A Candid Examination of the Scofield Bible

Reese, Alexander: The Approaching Advent of Christ