Carl Ketcherside

The Twisted Scriptures.   He is referring to the way some people treat the Bible. They do not use it as much as they abuse it. The author likened the way some people wrest the Scriptures to a sign in front of a machine shop that read, "All manner of twisting and warping done here." The author is saying that this is what too often happens to the Bible in pulpits and classrooms across the land.

A Clean Church. Carl’s earlier thinking on church discipline.  He later modified his thinking on church discipline and fellowship.

The Royal Priesthood: A Plea for the Restoration of the Priesthood of All Believers in the Churches of God

Adventure of Faith

Colony of Heaven

The Death of the Custodian: The Case of the Missing Tutor

Heaven Help Us: The Holy Spirit in Your Life

In the Beginning

A New Spirit, ed. by Lloyd A. Boyll

Our Heritage of Unity and Fellowship, also by Leroy Garrett, ed. by Cecil Hook

The Parable of Telstar, and Other Talks

Pilgrimage of Joy

Simple Trusting Faith

Talks to Jews and Non-Jews