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The Burning Question Series of Sermons

The congregation requested sermons that related to questions of faith they had.  For the Burning Question Series, click here.

How to do a Communion Meditation

Online Educational Resources

Ebiblestudy - is a collection of free Bible study lessons written by Bible professors from Oklahoma Christian University, an A Cappella university.

Celtic Evangelism and Orcutt Christian Church - with apologies to “St Patrick.”

Calvinism and Orcutt Christian Church

When did Calvinism begin

Calvinism Considered

A Comparison between Calvinism and Arminianism

Arminianism vs  Calvinism

Society of Evangelical Arminianism

Death of Jesus the Christ

M.R. DeHaan - The Chemistry of the Blood

Vaughn Elliott  

     Nobody Left Behind.  

     The Sinner’s Prayer

Church History

Cottrell & Sparagna  The Doctrine of Purgatory

The New Testament Church

The Restoration Movement

History of the Restoration Movement.  This is a fascinating site by our Accapella brethren.

Thomas Campbell   

     Declaration  and  Address

Charles Dailey

    Restoration History-01

    Restoration History-02

    Restoration History-03

    Restoration History-04

    Restoration History-05

The Connection of Baptism and Remission of Sins

What is Practical Theology

The Association of Practical Theology

International Academy of Practical Theology

Dr. Jessy Jaison: Practical Theology

What is Gnosticism?  Dr. Richard John Neuhaus says: “Modern Day gnosticism is the natural religion of Americans, including American Christians…Feel-good religion and spiritiural pills to elevate our consciousness and enhance our sense of comfort with our presumably ‘real selves - these are American specialities of long standing.”

Gnosticism is the most pervasive and popular alternatives to Christianity.


Carl Mitchell: The Cessation of Miraculous Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Mansell Pattison: Behavioral Science Research on the Nature of Glossolalia

Garett Reese: SPECIAL STUDY_Speaking in Tongues

The Psychology of Speaking in Tongues-A Review

Charles Dailey: The Gift of Tongues - Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images from experts.

How did the ancient civilizations keep track of time?  They used Sundials, the world's Oldest Clocks.


Sexism and Space Exploration - You need to read this article!

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The DHMO controversy streams through theology.  

Prof. Ferrell Jenkins’ Bible World