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e-Sword is the original free Bible software program. Started in 2000, the program was primarily available for the PC. — the largest archive of user-made e-Sword modules, resources and tools!

 The CrossWire Bible Society is an organization with the purpose to sponsor and provide a place for engineers and others to come and collaborate on free, open-source projects aimed at furthering the Kingdom of our God. ... The name was a pun of sorts, with the original idea that the Cross of Christ is our wire to God. Over the years, the meaning has grown into one more appropriate to what a Bible society is. The main purpose of a Bible Society is to distribute Scripture to as many people within a domain as possible.

The BibleAnalyzer is another Bible software program which has the look and feel similar to e-Sword. The program is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is a freeware cross-platform program. The good: Similarity to e-Sword makes it easier to maneuver and understand. The bad: All of the resources are old.

YouVersion provides this app for free. For people who want a Bible app, this is the place to go. The good: it is a free app which focuses on the Bible, yet it is user-friendly. The bad: There are no commentaries, no dictionaries, no other resources to purchase. (However, that can be good thing as well  because it lets you focus on the Word.)

SourceView Bible – promotes a new approach to Bible study including searching and seeing the Bible in various spheres. The app contains all kinds of stats, graphs, and different ways to view information.

Accordance is a program written exclusively for the Mac. It is written with the Mac user in mind. The interface is very “Mac-friendly.”


The translators Anderson, Campbell, Paul, and Rotherham are scholars within the tradition of the Chrisitan Church/Church of Christ.

Henry Tompkins Anderson:  The New Testament

Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mount Sinai. Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1918. It is a revision of Anderson’s earlier translation of the New Testament, with alterations according to some of the readings of Codex Sinaiticus. Henry Tompkins Anderson (1812-1872) was a schoolmaster and a preacher in the Christian Church.  Anderson had been a close student of the Greek and Hebrew for thirty years. Noting many inaccuracies in the common version (KJV), he conceived the idea of making a thoroughly new translation, rather than a mere revision of the New Testament.  The version was prepared by Anderson shortly before his death in 1872.  

Alexander Campbell:  Living Oracles

The Sacred Writings of the Apostles and Evangelists of Jesus Christ, Commonly Styled the New Testament. Translated from the Original Greek, by Doctors George Campbell, James Macknight, and Philip Doddridge.  Published in 1826, it was based on an 1818 combined edition of translations by George Campbell, James MacKnight and Philip Doddridge, and included edits and extensive notes by Campbell.  Campbell was motivated by a belief that changes in the English language and the availability of improved critical editions of the Greek New Testament had made the Authorized King James Version obsolete.  In developing the translation, Campbell relied on the critical Greek text published by Johann Jakob Griesbach.  One notable feature of the translation is the replacement of traditional ecclesiastical terms such as "church" and "baptise" with alternative translations such as "congregation" and "immerse".  The Living Oracles has been described as a forerunner of modern language translations in its updating of the traditional King James language and use of the work of textual critics such as Griesbach.

William E. Paul:  An Understandable Version

This version of the New Testament was produced by consulting several Greek-English interlinear texts, a large number of English translations, and then confirming the meaning of each word from exegetical commentaries. Its purpose was to enhance the personal understanding and spiritual devotion of its publisher, his family members and those persons especially interested in Bible versions. First Edition, 1995.  Second Edition, slightly revised 2003. Third Edition, additional slight revision 2005.

Joseph Bryant Rotherham:  The Emphasized Bible.  The Emphasized Bible is one of the most innovative and thoroughly researched translations ever done by a single individual. Its presentation of emphases and grammatical features of the original language still reward careful study.  A strictly literal rendering may not be so pleasant to the ear as one where the apparent sense is chiefly aimed at, yet it is not euphony but truth that ought to be sought. There are tens of thousands departures from the original text in the current versions. Rotherham revised his New Testament twice to stay abreast of scholarly developments. He based his Old Testament translation on the comprehensive Hebrew text of Dr. C. D Ginsburg, which anticipated readings now widely accepted.The Rotherham Emphasized Bible is the World’s best English translation of the Hebrew and Greek text, and the most Poetic.

Easy English Bible  - “Our vision for the EasyEnglish Bible is to help people from every country to read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives. Our mission is to help people to read, understand, and apply the Bible to their lives by providing a Bible Translation, Bible Commentaries, and Bible Studies in EasyEnglish. Please check this website if you know people who have reading difficulties.”

Revised English Bible - Completed in 1989, it is a English-language translation that is a complete update of the New English Bible of 1970. Don’t confuse it with the Revised English Bible of 1877.  The British wording may be different than what we Americans are used to.  Read Wikipedia’s helpful article here.

For studies on Apologetics click


How to do a Communion Meditation

Online Educational Resources

Biblical  Making Biblical Scholarship Accessible Since 2001.

Gordon College Biblical Biblical eSources:  This site has been developed in order to provide solid biblical studies materials freely to all of the Internet community. Jesus always spoke the language of the people. The Christian faith needs to be expressed via the digital medium which is the native tongue of many of our students and denizens of the twenty-first century.  A NEW eLearning web site with the Biblical Studies Lecture Series is up at:

Digital Bible Free online Free online  Resources for the Global Christian Community. is an evangelical organization committed to the historic Christian faith (cf. Apostles’ Creed). Its goal is to capture, distribute and link to high quality biblically-based teaching by leading experts, and make their instruction freely and universally available.  

Bible Odyssey - This is a lovely site to spend time investigating. Founded in 1880, the Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest learned society devoted to the critical investigation of the Bible based on the Humanities’ core disciplines. With over 8,000 members worldwide, it represents and convenes scholars whose life work is in biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies. The SBL promotes the academic study of the Bible and of sacred texts generally.

The Bible Project - A very helpful site put on the web by professors and others connected with Western Seminary. Visual storytelling meeting the Bible. Watch illustrated videos about the Bible for free. We believe the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus.  Helpful downloadable resources.

Ebiblestudy - is a collection of free Bible study lessons written by Bible professors from Oklahoma Christian University, an A Cappella university.  The studies are excellent.  

StudyLight - has more Bible commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons and original language tools than any other website on the Internet! Explore our site and benefit from all the amazing features and resources that will help to illuminate the Word of God like never before.

Biblical Interpretation

Leroy Garrett: Alexander Campbells Rules of Interpretation


When did Calvinism begin

Calvinism Considered

A Comparison between Calvinism and Arminianism

Arminianism vs  Calvinism

Society of Evangelical Arminianism

Gordon Clark:  - Clark is Calvinistic, committed to Covenant Theology, and very opposed to Dispensationalism.

        Faith and Saving Faith

        God’s Hammer - The Bible and Its Critics

Death of Jesus the Christ

M.R. DeHaan - The Chemistry of the Blood

Vaughn Elliott  

     Nobody Left Behind.  

     The Sinner’s Prayer

Church History


Cottrell & Sparagna  The Doctrine of Purgatory

Bishop Strossmayer's Speech on Papal infallibility.  Amazingly this was spoken at the 1870 Vatican Council which gave the pope infallibility. This is a must read.

A Study of The Man of Sin

The Trinity Review_Antichrist is Coming April 15 2008   (Still relevant!)

Lord Acton On the Papacy

The New Testament Church

The Restoration Movement

   The Reformation Movement of Luther, Huss, Calvin, Wesley,, had the goal of reforming the Roman Catholic Church, and end the many abuses of that denomination.    We, on the other hand, desire to go back entirely to the pattern of the church which God had given in the New Testament.  Our belief is if all followers of the Messiah would unite in the effort to restore the church in the Bible, the unity for which Christ prayed would be achieved.

History of the Restoration Movement.  This is a fascinating site by our Accapella brethren.

Thomas Campbell   

     Declaration  and  Address

Charles Dailey

    Restoration History-01

    Restoration History-02

    Restoration History-03

    Restoration History-04

    Restoration History-05


The Connection of Baptism and Remission of Sins

John S. Sweeney: Comparison Chart on Baptism and Remission of Sins

John S. Sweeney: Baptism and Remission of Sins_a sermon

What is Practical Theology

The Association of Practical Theology

International Academy of Practical Theology

Dr. Jessy Jaison: Practical Theology

Many graduate programs are available, such as

The Major Problem Facing the Church today … Gnosticism

What is Gnosticism?  Gnosticism is the most pervasive and popular alternatives to Christianity.

Dr. Richard John Neuhaus says: “Modern Day gnosticism is the natural religion of Americans, including American Christians…Feel-good religion and spiritual pills to elevate our consciousness and enhance our sense of comfort with our presumably ‘real selves - these are American specialities of long standing.”


Carl Mitchell: The Cessation of Miraculous Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Mansell Pattison: Behavioral Science Research on the Nature of Glossolalia

Garett Reese: SPECIAL STUDY_Speaking in Tongues

The Psychology of Speaking in Tongues-A Review

Charles Dailey: The Gift of Tongues

Sexism and Space Exploration - You need to read this article! - Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images from experts.

How did the ancient civilizations keep track of time?  They used Sundials, the world's Oldest Clocks.


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