Scott Sheridan has a helpful website of current Restoration Movement preachers.

William Henry Book:  Sermons for the People

P.T. Forsythe: The Work of Christ

P.T. Forsythe: Soul of Prayer

Charles Silvester Horne: The Romance of Preaching

Charles Edward Jefferson: The Building of the Church

Ashley S. Johnson:  Johnson's Sermons on The Two Covenants

Ashley S. Johnson:  The Life of Trust

Ashley S. Johnson:  Evangelistic Sermons

J. W. McGarvey:  Chapel Talks Delivered Before the College of the Bible

J. W. McGarvey:  Sermons Delivered in Louisville, Kentucky

James S Stewart: The Gates of New LIfe

James S. Stewart   A Man in Christ

James S. Stewart  Heralds of God

James Strachan: Hebrew Ideals.  A study of old Testament faith And life

William Cleaver Wilkinson: Modern Masters of Pulpit Discourse -

Preaching of the Masters