Roger was born in Heltonvile, Indiana on 8/27/40. He went to the Cincinnati Bible Seminary and graduated in 1962. He married Linda Maxey Chambers in 1960. He ministered as a youth minister at Gardenside in Lexington, KY, as well as minister in Aurora, Indiana until he graduated.      He then had a 13 year ministry at West Side Church of Christ in Hamilton, Ohio.

     After receiving his Ph.D. from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, he moved to Florida in 1977 to teach at Florida Christian College.

     He and Linda have four children who have continued in ministry:

Arron Chambers, minister at Journey Christian in Greeley, Colo.

Adam Chambers, Ph.D. and working with Pathways Christian Church.

Leslie Wood whose husband preaches at 1st Christian in Orlando.

Leigh-Angela Chambers who works with Grace Landing Church in Memphis.

A Father’s Day tribute from his son, Arron Chanbers


Audio Bible College - Roger Chambers class on the Restoration Movement.  √ √

Faith (No sound or the first 45 seconds)

What It Means to be Saved

Sons, Not Slaves

Jesus’ First Miracle

Jesus is Lord

Parable of the Talents

Salt of the Earth

The Spirit of Truth

Why This Waste?

Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement,  Kiamichi Clinic 1987

2 Corinthians 8 Bible School Class (Treaty)


Christian Family Life Seminars

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

Video #7


Azimov’s Mule and Augustine’s God

Christianity and the Cults

Church Growth and the Restoration Principle

Darwin in Fantasyland

Doctrinal Trends of the Restoration Movement

I Have To Study What!?

Messianic Nationalism and the Credibility of the Bible

On Sliding Down Hills

The Plea of History and the History of the Plea:

             A critique of the book, The Stone-Campbell Movement by Dr. LeRoy Garrett

Restoring Movement to the Restoration Movement

The War of the Shroud

The Faith Once Delivered??

Welcome to Romans

Romans Syllabus

What The New Testament Says About The Church

Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement


A Personal Testimony

“If anyone had a greater influence on me in Bible College than Dr. James Smith it was Dr. Roger Chambers.   He died prematurely (age 42?) in his sleep of a congenital heart defect on 8/8/88 at Hillsborough family camp. With a doctorate in history and human anthropology he was a great one to debate the evolutionists in public forums and in his writings.   He was brilliant, incisive, compelling and inspiring.   After speaking for two years in a row at the state men's retreat in Lake Aurora Florida there was a move to make him the PERMANENT speaker.   He had a way of connecting with men, especially.   I've never heard anyone quite like Roger Chambers.   Jack Cottrel comes closest I suppose but doesn't have Roger's wit, humor or charisma, and, I have much respect for Dr. Jack Cottrel.”

Steve Jones

Roger Chambers