The goal of the Orcutt Christian Church Academy of the Bible is to provide online class material the student may study on their own initiative.  The classes offered will be complementary to the Restoration Movement, of which OCC is a part.

Foundational Courses

New Member’s Course


                Lesson 01 - The Christian’s  New Life

                Lesson 02  -The Bible

                Lesson 03 - God The Father

                Lesson 04 - God The Son           

                Lesson 05 - God The Holy Spirit     

                Lesson 06 - The Church

                Lesson 07 - The Church Worships

                Lesson 08 - Recap of the previous lessons



Rupert C. Foster:   The Life of Christ

Church History

Charles Dailey          

               1. Small American Movements.     

               2. The Campbells in Ireland.     

               3. The Campbells in America.    

               4. Four Great Lieutenants.     

               5. Stone-Campbell Connections.    

Frederick D. Kershner

          Vol. 01 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 02 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 03 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 04 - The Restoration Handbook

Don DeWelt    The Church in The Bible

W.L. Hayden   Church Polity

T.W. Phillips   The Church of Christ

R.B. Ryans     New Testament Names

Survey of the Bible

Henry Hampton Halley:  Halley's Bible Handbook

Joseph Hill:  Whole Bible Study Course

Old Testament Survey

John T. Willis   The World and Literature of the Old Testament

John William McGarvey: Class Notes on Sacred History, Vol. I: The Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Job.

John William McGarvey: Class Notes on Sacred History, Vol. II: 1 Samuel to Nehemiah.

New Testament Survey

John William McGarvey: Commentary on Acts of the Apostles     Study questions on the book, here.

Don DeWelt   Acts Made Actual


Harold E. Knott:  The Preparation of Sermons.    Study questions on the book, here.

T. H. Scambler, The Art of Sermon Construction

Hermeneutics / Bible Study

John William McGarvey: A Guide to Bible Study

Bob Utley:  Hermeneutics Seminar Textbook

Robert Young: Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible - 1910


Orcutt Academy Of the Bible