The goal of the Orcutt Christian Church Academy of the Bible is to provide online class material the student may study on their own initiative.  The classes offered will be complementary to the Restoration Movement, of which OCC is a part.

The Restoration Movement

Charles Dailey

          Restoration Movement Lessons

               1. Small American Movements.     

               2. The Campbells in Ireland.     

               3. The Campbells in America.    

               4. Four Great Lieutenants.     

               5. Stone-Campbell Connections.    

Frederick D. Kershner

          Vol. 01 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 02 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 03 - The Restoration Handbook

          Vol. 04 - The Restoration Handbook

The Book of Acts

John William McGarvey: Commentary on Acts of the Apostles  595 pages. 2 Volumes in 1 book.

             Study questions on the book, here.


Harold E. Knott:  The Preparation of Sermons. 138 pages.  2 Volumes in 1 book.             Study questions on the book, here.

T. H. Scambler, The Art of Sermon Construction


Bob Utley:  Hermeneutics Seminar Textbook

Orcutt Academy Of the Bible