Founded in 1997, the goal of the Orcutt Christian Church Academy of the Bible is to provide onsite classes and online class material the student may study on their own initiative.  The Academy is for elders, deacons, teachers and other Christians to help provide training for more proficient leadership for the churches.  The classes offered are complementary to the Restoration Movement, of which OCC is a part.  I encourage you to read and study with discernment and understanding.

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

Dr. Norman Geisler’s Commentary on The Statement

Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel

Academy Students

Diploma of Biblical Studies

The Orcutt Christian Church Academy of the Bible, Diploma of Biblical Studies, is an online course in biblical, theological, historical and pastoral studies.  The Diploma of Biblical Studies consists of 7 modules.  The student can receive a diploma upon completion.

There are a lot of Commentaries on this website to supplement your own research and study of the bible.  Click here.

Biblical Prophecy and the End Times