Supporting Orcutt Christian Church through Amazon, is a very large marketplace on the internet where almost anything can be purchased or sold. Many of us shop Amazon already, and not just for books or music, but all kinds of items!

Here is how you can set up a little financial support for Orcutt Christian Church via Amazon's "Smile" program, where a small portion of everything sold will go to the Church! You are NOT paying more, or anything extra, rather, Amazon takes 0.5% of the sale out of their profits and sends it to the organization selected.

For information on this service of Amazon, click HERE!

Scroll through the organizations, and look for the Orcutt Christian Church.

Our unique charity link

This link will take you directly to in support of Orcutt Christian Church so you won’t have to search for our charity among almost a million other organizations. Use the link below. It’s the easiest way for Amazon customers to find and support Orcutt Christian Church.

To go directly to our Amazon page, CLICK HERE!