Dr. Jack Cottrell

Dr. Jack Cottrell, a Kentuckian by birth and in spirit, comes from the Minorsville Christian Church, near Stamping Ground, Kentucky.   In his early years of church membership, two-week revival meetings, and Northward Christian Assembly brought him into contact with such stalwarts as R. J. Kidwell, Wayne Smith, Bob Shannon, and E. Ray (Cotton) Jones. After committing to vocational Christian service he received two degrees (A.B., Th.B.) from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary, followed by an A.B. in philosophy from the University of Cincinnati.

   He received his M.Div from Westminster Theological Seminary.  This gave him important first-hand contact with strict Calvinist theology.

   He was recruited for the position of professor of theology in the CBS graduate school, by Dr. Louis Foster.  He completed his Ph.D. degree in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1971.

  In 1958 he married Barbara Gordin; they have three children and four grandchildren. He is an active member of the Miamitown Ohio Church of Christ.

   Dr. Cottrell taught at CBS (the graduate school) since 1967.  He retired at the end of the 2016 school year, a remarkable 49 years of  equipping young theologians.

   He has also carried on an extensive writing ministry, authoring fifteen books thus far. These include Baptism: A Biblical Study; The Faith Once for All; a two-volume commentary on Romans; and a three-volume set on the doctrine of God as God The Creator, God The Ruler, and God The Redeemer.


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